Property Services.


Recycle ItSM

It’s easy being green.

  • Convenient removal of items from your home or business*
  • $25 per 50-gal. bin removed / $10 per individual larger item
  • Schedule in advance, or add to storage pick-up visits

*See list of excluded items here

Excluded Items

Take It Away provides all services subject to restrictions. Members accept full responsibility and liability for any loss or damage resulting from failure to adhere to these restrictions. We reserve the right to open any container or other item tendered for service in order to ensure compliance. In accordance with our Service Agreement, no services will be rendered for:

  • any individual item of Member Property having a Member-Declared Value of more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000);
  • any Member Property, the Member-Declared Value of which, when added to the MDV for all other Service Items of Member entrusted to Company’s care and control, would exceed one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) in aggregate;
  • any hazardous materials, firearms or ammunition;
  • any currency, precious metals, artwork or jewelry;
  • any food or perishable items;
  • any medical waste, biological remains or living material;
  • any items or containers containing liquids, including without limitation alcohol, gasoline, and other flammable liquids;
  • any items that are prohibited by law or regulations of any federal, state, or local government in the U.S.A.

Additionally, Take It Away may refuse any item we find likely to soil, taint, or otherwise damage Take It Away property or that of any Member, any item we find economically or operationally impractical to handle or transport, and any item that is not or cannot be properly packed, wrapped, or stored.

Recycle ItSM service features

Send your unwanted items to a better place…


We come to you.

We’ll whisk away unwanted items and clutter for recycling or disposal. We remove large items individually and smaller stuff by the 50-gallon binful.


Green is our color.

Take It Away is an environmentally friendly company–we recycle everything possible, then dispose of the rest responsibly.


We manage everything.

Getting rid of certain items yourself can be a pain due to size, weight, or local codes and ordinances, so let us save you the hassle.

48hScheduling service

Schedule service visits at least 48 hours in advance (or add to any service order).
Schedule now

rushNeed it sooner?

Get expedited Next-Day, Same-Day, or Sunday/Holiday services for a small additional charge.  

View fees

Next Day: $10

Get a service that normally requires 2 days notice on the next business day. Order by Noon the day prior.

Same Day: $25

Get a service that normally requires 2 days notice on the same business day. Order by Noon that day.

Sunday / Holiday: $50

Get a service on a Sunday and/or Holiday.

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Donate ItSM

We pick up items you want to donate, deliver them to local charities, and email your receipts.